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ValueSmart Payroll Services

ValueSmart payroll services give you the freedom to focus on core business while we complete your payroll accurately and on time!

Effectively Managing your payroll is a critical aspect of financial accounting. It is essential to business for numerous reasons:

  1. Employees’ gross remuneration is often the largest business expense,
  2. It is important that employees are paid the right amount, on time, and
  3. Incorrect calculation of taxes and subsequent payment of levies can result in penalties or imprisonment.

Payroll in South Africa refers to a business’s financial records of all employee salaries, including deductions, overtime and bonuses. 

Payroll services in South Africa can be tricky because it is the employer’s responsibility to calculate, report on, and pay taxes and levies on their employees’ behalf.

Many companies opt to outsource this function because payroll is demanding on resources due to its frequency and the incredible accuracy needed with fluctuating monthly payments.  

Our highly experienced and professional team can help you with this so that you can focus on core, revenue-generating functions. 

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Outsourced Payroll Services

Companies typically run their payrolls on the 25th or last day of the month, but it is not uncommon for manual labour employees to be paid weekly or every two weeks. 

No matter when payroll runs, a company must prepare payslips for each employee. Payslips must reflect specific information about how the employee’s net remuneration is calculated: showing what their gross salary amount is, deductions, leave days due, and much more.
We will guide you and run all your admin processes.

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Leave Records

Employee leave records such as annual/unpaid, family responsibility and sick leave need to be maintained so that:

  • They reflect correctly on employee payslips
  • Employees’ monthly remuneration is accurately calculated
  • Leave pay-outs in the event of resignation or termination of employment are accurate.

We will maintain your employee leave records on your behalf so that your payroll runs smoothly and on time every time. 
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Nett Remuneration Lists

Nett remuneration lists let you see and report on the total nett salary for each employee. The list also contains information regarding banking details as held by the company and the payment method for each employee. Nett remuneration lists can be filtered – or sorted – by any data field you require. Such as employee number, name, surname or even the payment method.

EMP201 Reports

All employers must submit EMP201 forms monthly, which declare payable PAYE (Pay As You Earn), SDL (Skills Development Levy), and UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) contributions.

These forms are submitted to SARS, and the amounts that they reflect must then be paid over.

Let us set up your payroll to meet tax requirements