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Meet Willie van Dyk - Our Chief Cashflow Officer

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About Willie van Dyk

Willie van Dyk is ValueSmart’s financial optimisation powerhouse with excellent command over cash flow. He is a Financial Optimisation Specialist with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Financial Accounting. 

He is a registered Tax Practioner, registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) as an Independent Reviewer and Qualified Professional Accountant.  During his twenty-year-long career, Willie has gained extensive experience working on multiple private enterprise accounts for South Africa’s leading accounting, auditing and consultancy firms. 

Willie’s proficiency in ERP implementation methodologies was hailed when his performance and timesheet systems increased the productivity and reporting accuracy of EOH–which held R1.5 billion annual turnover at the time. It was here that Willie solidified his reputation for meticulous process and procedure design and implementation.

When he is not coaching executives and business heads on practical cash flow management or running his managerial accountancy firm, ValueSmart, you can watch him mentor aspiring entrepreneurs on Entrepreneur HQ’s weekly webinar. 

How ValueSmart Started

ValueSmart is cloud-based accountancy and tax firm providing financial services that help SMME whole and retail businesses to grow in South Africa. We do this by providing our clients with efficient financial services that keep companies compliant without hindering productivity, find and plug cash flow leaks and forecast accurately.

By providing business owners with the guidance and financial services fit to their specific needs, ValueSmart empowers private enterprises to make better business decisions.

Willie van Dyk founded ValueSmart in 2013 after identifying what he believes is the leading cause of failure in business. Entrepreneurs understand the premise of business, but they fail to realise the vital role of accounting and managed accounts within a business. 

Without knowing how to “interpret the numbers”, start-ups and enterprises operate in the dark. This impaired view can lead to numerous problems with cash flows, stock, and tax complications to name a few. The goal is for ValueSmart to either help clients understand these pressures, or provide a reliable outsourced service to handle them. 

Willie’s vision is to create an economical platform where entrepreneurs can witness and learn financial management principles in action as applied to their activities in real-world situations.


What also sets ValueSmart apart is that services are offered online, which saves you time and money from the onset. We leverage technology to provide sustainable, automated solutions that fit your specific business needs.